Saturday, June 18, 2011


csound_vst generater pack

This is a code vst code generator pack for csound written in python...

csound vst code generator pack
These two programs take the output from csound and then dump them to a file that is csv
tested in csound 5.13 This is not the best way to do it though. vstcsoundparemscreen dump is needed for the generators though c:/pyvst/manic/maniclite.dll
csound.exe vsttemp.orc vsttemp.sco >dump.txt
pause c:/pyvst/manic/maniclite.dll

This program does the same as the above two programs but uses pyvst to output all the parameters so they can be used in a spreadsheet maniclite.dll

This program generates a csound vst instrument with dump.txt from needs the name of the instrument.

This is the same as the first only the output instrument and the parameters are all in thier own instrument like
the csound beta manual.

Dex Tracker and related project are at

Dex Tracker"

New releases will be here.
csound_vst pack

Questions Comments Exc can be made at the ad shareing dsp board.

Zizula Dsp board

A pdf for bookreaders can be found here

pdf version

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