Monday, December 05, 2005


csound for building vst hosts??

New version of csound5 possibly with c++ access to vst support I am still looking into that. here is some cut and paste quotes

* added wrapper interfaces for C++, Python, and other languages; the Csound API can be accessed from Python by importing the 'csnd' module
Csound5 can be used as a VST plugin. You can also use VST plugins in Csound5. The opcodes are:
vstinit -- Loads a plugin
vstaudio, vstaudiog -- Returns a plugin's output vstmidiout -- Sends MIDI data to a plugin
vstparamset, vstparamget -- Send automation data to and from the plugin vstnote -- Sends a MIDI note with definite duration
vstinfo -- Outputs the Parameter and Program names for a plugin vstbankload -- Loads an .fxb Bank vstprogset -- Sets a Program in an .fxb Bank. vstedit -- Opens the GUI editor for the plugin, when available.

Not much in the way of examples mostly old java stuff in the search engines.

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