Friday, January 06, 2006


digital audio processing by doug coulter

I just recieved my copy of Digital Audio Processing by Doug Coulter. I recomend the audio part as very intertaining and uplifting. There is even a quote about mathmatical notation being harder than it should be to "keep the riffraf" out of audio programming. I bought mine through barnes and noble with a $20 gift card a used copy comes out to around $10 more. I will mention that it may be a little discouraging for begginers when he talks about windows and champions machine dependent code (meaning windows) and says negative things about rad. It doesn't tell you how to write a tracker in an afternoon by any means. The upside is the very good explanations and a disk with code that can be reused for other programs. All in all worth checking out to get a little more of an understanding of sound programing. one other thing I will note is that he mentions cosin is perfered over sin because of the resulting values.. check the book out for details.

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