Monday, February 20, 2006


csound wrapper examples in c, c++ research and port audio

Looking around for examples of using the csound wrapper in a program and other issues that come up when interfacing csound from other programs. All I find is what is in the csound list. The following are excerpts that are cut and paste from the list on the topic

some csound examples. this looks like a borland program so you would need borland c++ builder

looks like someone is getting port audio working with borland 6.0 answer looks like it should
work with all versions of borland c++

NEW 'CsoundX' a cound5 Frontend for OSX Rate this Message: by Matt J. Ingalls 2005-12-31 15:35 Reply | View Threaded

I made a little app to tryout calling the csound5 framework from a Cocoa
based application. Although it is still in proof-of-concept phase,
it may still prove useful to ya'll. The name and icon is temporary -- it
probably eventually will evolve into a new version of MacCsound..

> >> but i do not want to use any rtmodule -- i am using my own callbacks!??
> >
> > Then set the callbacks between csoundPreCompile() and csoundCompile(),
> > and append -+rtaudio=null to the command line options passed to
> ok thanks. i think requiring rtaudio=null is the change.

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