Sunday, July 30, 2006


VisualWx free rad but you have to pay for the manual

I made some attempt to use VisualWx, The software is free but you have to pay for the manual. I didn't look at the sourcecode though so I may go back and look to see if there is something there. The program complains that it can't find the python24.dll . I cut and paste python24.dll into the VisualWx folder but that really doesn't help. The manual is in Italian and the webpage is slightly similar to a site that is used quite often for language translation. I am going to build the example from scratch again in boa constructor. The last time I tried the example the menu's come up o.k. but nothing from wx.wigets or windows or whatever they are work. I did change the name of one of the files while I was editing the thing so it is possible I confused the system. easygui and python card are cheesy in a way but a useful way to rapidly get code. I noticed some old programs that give you really cheesy old time ASCII graphics. It is a shame that something like that isn't available for the p.c. (as far as I can tell). I haven't decided if it is worth doing a distribution or not of python 2.4 for csound or not.

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