Monday, August 07, 2006


csd to orc files

One of the things I noticed on the web is a csd to orc file converter. I was looking for something else entirely different (I think I want to pass a library to the csound command line but am unsure) but I noticed that there is a very simple way to read a file line for line in python.

if os.path.exists("file"):
input = open("file", 'r')
for line in input:
print line.rstrip()

Just expiermenting around I found that import will run a stand alone python program but It will run it only once. Seems like there should be a way to export it or deport it so that it can be run again from the middle of the program somewhere.. There are a few utilities here and there that would be usefull. I will have to suggest it as the deport function since export has meanings that may conjour other languages or maybe if I read the instruction manual I will figure it out.

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