Tuesday, August 01, 2006


a document apears for csoundvst

they have a code of silence.. I am not getting any sound at all. it does appear to run a file but if I go strait to the folder it stops running. csoundvst silence.. I had some trouble with the example one thing to note is that csound 5 is still described as beta and may not always run as promised. The other .dll csound.dll has almost no documentation.. I haven't decided as to uploading the python program. As part of the copy right you can do as you with with it and in theory It could help me get $50 in download money some day along with some traffic from cabel if the licence is the same.. I should have some sort of beta up today or tommorow and I need to fix the library some are csoundvst.py and not csnd.py . I found an example in sound on sound that seems to have commands out of nowhere for the mac version, could be out of csound 4.0 or back to unreleased or something. I am not sure..

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