Saturday, August 05, 2006


getting paid for downloads (any type of download)

I was just looking for ways to store files without paying for them when I uncovered a number of options including sites that pay for downloads. One of the free sites I uncovered is Another site is If no one downloads your file for 21 days it is deleted. The rules for payment is $1 per 1000 downloads and you must have 50,000 downloads in three months to get paid. This may not be likely for most of us. Simtel pays for the traffic you send to you software download. $1 per thousand, for some reason the page crashes and I haven't been able to download anything. is a free service that covers alot of hosts one drawback is like simtel they want you to upload an xml file without telling you what one is. this is another one that I had seen don't have any details on it though. eSnips is offering one gig for files but no payment.

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