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musings about csound connectors and possible limitations in syntax

Musings about csound connectors and possible limitations in syntax.

A little about the test file. I was just looking for something that I didn't have to worry about if I forgot to delete it with the distribution. bay-at-night.csd is in the csound distribution and is covered by the same licence. One of the lines I noticed that was in error was
ga1 init 0. clearly this is a mistake every csound programmer should have at least one gal so I changed it to gal init 0. I don't mean to discuss why this person chose to title it this way or what he does at night. I myself am not the type of person who would go to a demo-party but I do hear about them around jeskola buzz and other music software places.

By looking at the code and not going to far into the manual you will start to pick up the connectors that connect one machine to another. Clearly word pad isn't what you want to use to write music plus csound allows you to by design to not place a header above your tracker numbers. This does two things that are bad. It allows people to write uninteligable files that no one knows how to use. Keep in mind that most of the people that use music software don't have a clue about what you have written and probily don't even want to look at it.

The connectors in the software are zar and zawm. There may at least two more called zarg and zaw but for the purpose of connecting machines together for people who don't care about the code it may not be important. I am sure for the sake of someone's homework asignment that you are not allowed to say I don't care about your file that is not the reason I am writing a tracker. You can keep your comments to yourself or a new command language that goes behind the comment lines so that csound doesn't see it. I already made one tag up ;
then you get code like this if """;
""" in line and then the collums are passed to the editor. The chalenge is to return all the connections and what connects to what. From there you can connect the boxes, disconnect the boxes, mute parts of it exc. exc. exc. Putting every file that had ever been written for csound without editing them may not be nearly as important as getting a usable program.

Clearly there is a better way to seperate user comments from code editor comments. I am not entirely sure how the code blocks are being done but I do believe that they can be defined for outside programs but I am not clear on that at the moment. The other way would be to define another way to ignore stuff that would only be used by trackers/editors/code generators exc. Something like !!* or somesuch that wouldn't be off in legacy csound code. Clearly going into the comments and using the space there for directives is one way to do it. I could even do graphic code generators defined with thier own popup windows in comment space. bay-at-night.csd isn't realy that important in the sceme of things, but the songs I am writing about the crime family near my apartment will work just fine if it is compatable with thier syntax.

I do have beta 6 of csound library out. It doesn't save as of yet that is something that I am still working on. The wxwindows bbs people gave me some fantastic code to start with.

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