Wednesday, October 18, 2006


radio silence at csound plus threads

There is radio silence at csound. 4 posts on the dev list and the last update was the 4th (of october). One of the csound topics that I have noticed flying around is threads. I also noticed this mentioned on python411. They are talking about various problems like mutex locking and thread starving. One of the things that I recall from the podcast is the mention of generators (python not to be confused with jescola buzz) as a tool For threading that avoids some of these issues. To me it looks like a way to make it as intimidating and confusing as possible, I have noticed alot of the sample code does not work in python or can not be included in a python program. I had my eye on the command line interface that runs in red but I could not figure out how to modify it to suit my needs. For anyone remembering all those mutex locks in jeskola buzz it is a good podcast to listen to.. It also appears that jeskola buzz or a newer version of such is available with python as the front end..

Here's one for hail mary ideas.. I emailed google and sugested a nerd show that included electronic music and shows about programming. I am noticeing stuff with out copyrights and such plus it may be unique enough to syndicate/market/port to non internet sort of things..

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