Thursday, January 04, 2007


csound rumors

There is a new issue of csound available at They are continuing a great series on using csound with various programming languages. I haven't decided to spend the time to contribute and I certainly wouldn't want to if it was unwelcome.

A new dex tracker is available. hopefully it is much better and is usefull. I do it all for you gentile reader because I am your friend.

The rumors of a creative commons database are going around the csounds list. There are also hints in the search engines of csound instruments as part as olpc. (one laptop per child). I suspect that redhats unwillingness to publish the instruments may cause a problem similar to blood diamonds. The band of criminals who cut the childs arms off and sell their csound instruments on ebay. Red hat plans to combat this by making them out of plastic thereby undesirable and durable (or olpc in place of red hat I don't entend to get the facts right for the purpose of satire). The editorial note by the Dex Tracker team is that the csound instrument disk is a fantastic value but the instruments may not be formatted in a way desired by the software so having instruments available will help move the tek foward. It isn't csound that is holding things back it is the tools available to work with csound.

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