Monday, January 15, 2007


some graphical notes

I was really excited when I saw udraw in the python packages. A package that can do your modeling for you. I haven't even looked into it that far because once I started digging I found another one that will connect boxes together called graphviz. graphviz is some bell labs research program that has been used from time to time to describe what people are doing with music software. I noticed they allow urls and have a fairly simple language that can be code generated plus you can add links to your boxes. It is just a short step from there to you know C:\\6.bat generated given as the link and generated as the file and you have tracker style graphics with click on editing. svg files are not widely distributed and the windows version is giving me warnings. I can't just use a command line to look at he svg file. One of the rumors on the python board is that opengl is going to support (maybe) svg files at some point

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