Friday, January 12, 2007


views of fltk in csound and python

Fltk is a very good framework for what it does. I have noticed a couple of short commings when it comes to working with fltk. If you want to use a purely csound environment and there is no reason why you wouldn't there is not a good way to get the file name from a file picker into csound (or at least it isn't an obvious thing someone has an example of). A whole class of file players and note testers have to be code generated and not built as csound instruments. One of the claims to fame of fltk is fluid a gui builder for flick. It isn't distributed as an .exe file and it really doesn't compile out of the box. There is an app that does compile but all it does is show off some of the features. I also tried the fltk for python, examples work very well but there again is no gui builder for fltk. I did try to combine it inside of a tk widget but apparently I just ended up with two windows a fltk window and a Tk window. To sum it up fltk has alot of promise and I am looking forward to having the other tools that are needed to make it sing.

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