Monday, June 18, 2007


csound 5.06, csound routines in awk, csound routines python

csound 5.06 has been released. Looks like there is just a small amount of traffic. I have recently descovered the awk language and it appears that small programs can be written very rapidly with it.. Here is a couple of awk programs for csound that show how small these programs are. (I would figure there is alot of these programs somewhere but not released)

This one changes the start time throughout an entire file

#usages time_offset outfile
#this is the example command line
#gawk -f altertime.awk -v time_offset=4 -v outfile="testdat.sco" i1.sco
{$2 = $2 + time_offset}
{ print $0 > outfile } # print every line

This one changes the instrument number

#usages old_number new_number outfile
#this is the example command line
#gawk -f instrnumber.awk -v old_number=30 -v new_number=1 -v outfile="testdat.orc" temp30.orc
$1 == "instr" && $2 == old_number {
$2 = new_number
{ print $0 > outfile } # print every line

there is a couple of new python routines in csound routines available here.

trafic overall looks like it has dropped off.. posibly something to do with school being out.

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