Thursday, June 07, 2007


The long lost language of awk

I have been looking over alot of UNIX stuff since gnu has been porting stuff to windows. One of the things I have been looking into are odd languages that are mentioned in csound such as sed and awk... awk seems to be uniquely suited for dealing with the data in csound.. If one wants to go after the data in a collum.. $1 + 4 would add four to everything in the column. The other nice feature of awk is that an entire short program can be written on the command line. This makes it very usable from other languages using something like popen3 to control awk. The version that I am testing right now is gawk but there are other forms available. awk, nawk, gawk, mawk, awke The downside is that they are meant as replacements for the UNIX program and haven't as strong a math library as they could have but the source code is available so who knows.. the licence says freedom of use not necessarily freedom of price.. I may have a new version of csound routines shortly, I am waiting until instrument are loaded to get a new version of dex tracker. returning an unused instrument number works fine but loading the instrument in has been a problem so I have held up on the major upgrade. COMPLAINTS... I have been waiting over a month for my csound disk and they have stoped updating the site.... maybe they will let me run the site and runs some adds on it... I am not holding my breath though

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