Monday, June 25, 2007


scilab and other matlib clones, csound disk

It apears that there are many clones of matlab that are free. One of the programs that has sound is called scilab. The licence though is a little confusing, I believe that I am allowed to sell it as long as I don't include anything else with it.. I think they are french and will have to ask about it. composite... Just like I was expecting I recieved my csound disk the day I called the credit card company about not recieving it. I suspect the post office people are being butheads. I get some realy cool audio abuse about getting rebates when I recieve a post card from wall-greens, trying to blaime the postal employee for the abuse to get the reward I suspect... I should have called earlier to get my disk.. comments about the disk... It's a bit dated and hopefully that gives the dr (or his students) a chance to orginise it better. It is good to find what you are looking for..

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