Friday, July 13, 2007


fun with csound and autoit and notepad

Besides doing things that are obnoxious (like denial of service attacks and click fraud) it appears you can use text editors to manipulate text... My first try was with gvim and it would appear at firs that gvim would make loading instruments easy.. not so it doesn't like to script. The following is in notepad but notepad will not insert a file so it is just a curosity and a proof of concept that in theory it can be done. you will see alot that is commented out because it is a modified example that was included. They also have screen capture without the copyright restrictions...


; Now that the Notepad window is active type some text
;Send("Hello from Notepad.{ENTER}1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10{ENTER}")
;Send("+{UP 2}")

; Now quit by pressing Alt-f and then x (File menu -> Exit)

; Now a screen will pop up and ask to save the changes, the window is called
; "Notepad" and has some text "Yes" and "No"
WinWaitActive("Notepad", "No")

; Now wait for Notepad to close before continuing
WinWaitClose("Untitled - Notepad")

; Finished!

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