Friday, May 23, 2008


another csound routines beta...

I have added


and two routines to get numbers usable by a graphics interface or graphing program

def float_to_int(float_number):
def Float_Precision(float_number, precision):

the last two are listed in module

I was looking up float to integer + example python on the internet and got an example that was down right scary so I will post the entire 4 lines I have done here

x = str(float_number)
x2 = x.split('.')
returnnumber = int(x2[0])
return return_number

This is required first

prev version

The rest of the new stuff is here

New csound stuff

this is untested and probily has major bugs.. I would like to hear about needed routines suggestions.. suggested use if for gui's and for publication graphics with a package such as mathplotlib. You will probily need wxpython in order to get this to work if there are problems check dex tracker for it's needed files.

The april version of python magazine may have some intresting stuff for grids and spreadsheets and it can be found here. (I am not sure about thier policy on back issues.)

python mag march 2008

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