Monday, July 21, 2008


juce audio library

This is a creapy library... One of the often quoted things is that programmers write free sofware because they want to be loved... You load up the library and start to compile it... You see vfw (one letter off from dfw, love and dfw are both dallas area airports)... and you see warning warning and then it crashes.... You are compiling juce in the compile all solutions option on microsoft visual c++ express 2008.... You go over to codeblocks and try to compile it with mingw and try to compile it to an .a file (instead of .lib file like microsoft) and it doesn't tell you there is an error until after 1/2 hour and then it gives an error at some forced inline function... It is creapy like an airport... You get the look and feel functions exc... exc... .cpp maybe a letter off from cop.. I am just stating how creapy it looks and they suggest they want someone to pay for it.. (or you can use it free under gpl).. I would suggest a different british company and source from another source for the host plugins..

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what in god's name was that
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