Sunday, August 17, 2008


another try at parsing

after a day of debugging my code generator seems like alot of work in python and it seems like it would be alot easier to generate in awk. What does that mean.. It's the aproach yes I could do it the way I am doing it but it would be easier to use a grid and create and parse it with another grid and not generate any code (I think)... THe comment language is almost the only thing that works the same as those befour me.. I only looked at windows and projects that worked on my machine well.

I am looking at the enthought python package. I had avoided using it because it was 2.4 and I moved to 2.5.. I am under the impression that there is no problem using muliple versions (I wasn't then).. The plugin system looks interesting in that they have editors already built.. There is some broken stuff also but it is stuff that probily isn't of use to me anyway.. (enthought may want to know about it though).. There is some instructions in the graphics maya I believe that should have come with an example batch file. I am in the looking phase.. It looks like there are output windows for code (compilers like csound) and thats a big feature that I have been looking for.. The right to distribute code though is a big question mark.. I have been very fortunate that my computer didn't get wet... I had more real rain drops than water splash screens...

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