Sunday, August 24, 2008


mingus for python and parsing csound

2008/08/24 mingus has been released. The release pushes some bug fixes in the core and adds a lot of new features (tutorials should be expected soon). Work on the mingus.draw sub-package has also begun, resulting in some simple images already.

It parses!!!!!! I parsed csound found the command and was able to change if ifn (I think that is integer function number and if it isn't that is what I am going to call it anyway)... I seem to be saving out several copies of my line though. I found some things in python that seem realy odd. nested for line in infile (replace infile with name of second file)... once you go through the file that is it.. your finished it doesn't reset. That seems to be the bigest chalenge in parsing csound files. Fighting with python to make it fit the flowchart.. The example on the python board wasn't to close but I made major changes and it has error checking stuff that made sence. joining doesn't seem to work all that well for them and it is a concept I haven't been using.. I am not a joiner I am a man of words i.e. for word in line:

I am excited to see mingus for python is supporting graphics.. I am not sure what I can do with it, I have been wanting a piano roll but I am expecting that it is going to be staff notation... some concepts like bpm are being ignored right now to take a different path.. One taken by some notable packages like stk toolkit.

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