Wednesday, February 18, 2009



I have downloaded this python program called pythoneon (or library I should state)

the doc's said he didn't know if it works in windows. It looks like it does with the exception of a program called live (that may not be that important anyway and I may delete it for a us version). I started to translate the documentation from french. It doesn't look like there is any documentation except for the document lines that are spread throughout the program and I am not aware of any examples. I would have to translate quite a bit of the program to determine how to write the music editor or how to include/extend the project. seems like there are alot of odd charecters that don't show up in my charecter set for some reason. I currently have a 5 page translation of some miss files that are of limited use... It may be some time befour I finish the translation so check this blog for details....

paino roll.... I have a simple piano roll for csound and wxpython started.. My recent searches are turning up alot of them coded in lisp for whatever reason.. I haven't been that motivated to finish it.. I am thinking about some unusual features like user set times between each note.. One of the advantages of not using bpm.. I also have stolin the idea of clicking on the piano key to set other atributes.. aljira said it was using thought baloons but I think pop up boxes may look more traditional...

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