Friday, April 10, 2009


pycap drum machine or piano roll beta...

There are some serious issues.. The goal is a graphic program for other programs where the graphics and the sound are seperate such as csound. I came across pycap (popcap with python bindings) when I was looking through game engines and noticed that it will work places that an sdl based library can not. I don't know that scite is recomended for editing spacing can cause the python.dll to crash without letting you know what happened. idle is probily a much better idea.. This version isn't saving correctly but it is very close

pycap drum machine

for suggestions, bug fixes, or just to say hello


If for some reason you reach this message without the search returning updated versions the link is here Pycap drum machine

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I thought this site is discussing some issues and tips on learning how to play drums . I never expected that they are talking about grammar. This is very funny.=))
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