Sunday, May 31, 2009



I am playing around with balabolka(text to speech) and it uses microsoft ana on my vista machine.. Att claims it has better voices than microsoft so it may be worth a try I find microsoft ana a little bit to robotic. The python project dexml came out it claims it is a dead simple xml I was thinking about playing around with some simple parsing of csd files with it, I started searching for more text to speech I came up with my last name dexter and my city corpus (probily out of context) , I will feel much better a couple of day from now if I am not found in a field :). I haven't decided if it is worth uploading podcasts or not since the advertising part of the deal is no more. I have been playing around with iron python and jython to see if there was anything I wanted to steal, to get a toggle on .net you start with a check box and then set the apearence to button or something like that and if there is a way to get something other than grey than .net it is, plus they have amusing podcasts like .net rocks.

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