Saturday, August 22, 2009


woss ness 2001

This album was left for me behind the burger king (in corpus christi)... I am finding it intresting it appears to have been released in nov of 2001 and there is no telling when the songs were written. It is a fantastic rapping album that is set to electronic music. I don't have the album cover but they might be using some stuff from jeskola buzz. It sounds like ruff speccy is used on one of the tracks. keyboard and maybe tracker music is used for this album. It sounds like the 911 attack may be the source of some of the content.. In and of itself it doesn't mean anything, you also have an artist by the name of Milton Powell who is on the only way to beat us is to cheat us track.
Another mainstay of huston (robert mahomed of the nation of islam) would say that you see things much differntly when you are walking around than when you are driving around in a car.. I haven't had a chance to listen to and examine powell's material to see if it match's up with other material I have with powell in the name.. So far it is just after 911 that has electronic music in it... The track in question was not in working shape when I recieved it... We don't play that here, You always loose when you cheat us... :) I may consider ordering some tracks to complete the album, as it tells a story I can relate to...
As far as the band goes one member of the band had done themselves in somewhere around 1999 if my information is correct and the label has a crime stopper number for a member of the label that was murdured.. (not that unusual for rap most likely)

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