Sunday, October 25, 2009


probility language for Music Macro Language

I was asking about text based tracker formats and someone on kvr told me about Music Macro Language. I suppose I saw in in stuff like gwbasic, free basic exc, but when I saw it in all those old game machines like the nes and thier desire to have something that is not midi based, I realised that it was for me. what I have now is just a rough sketch. It works a little different that the one I did on csound.

A note has to fire so it has to equal 100% the first like has all the headings. in this case r is rest (in nes it may be different in other platforms.

a c b r

the lines under that will have the percentages

a c b r
10 20 10 60

in this case rest is a note and if it fires you do not get a sound.

probilty language for music macro language download

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