Tuesday, November 03, 2009


probability sequencing language

probability sequencing language Help file

The commands are simple at the start of every line you would have a frequency started by a letter


or you can define it with drift i.e.


this will make the frequeny drift on every iteration. In the roll you can have a percent chance or an x to define a 100% chance a period would be ignored.

f110+1 x . 30
f300 . . 50

you can include an entire csound line starting with an @ symbol. this would be saved in a file with a mac extension for macro (this feature is inspired by macro music language as implemented for 8 bit game machines).

the duration of the note or the time between notes can be defined with
dur=.25 step=.2

please keep in mind that you cannot have spaces in the defined value, this is done to make it really easy to code it in python.

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