Saturday, August 21, 2010


processing library for csound....

I am looking into the processing library for csound and it looks prommising... I do have some unansered questions... Is there going to be a problem if csound upgades to a newer version.... I.E. can I just drop that version of csound along with that version of processing into a program and have it work forever or is it going to break if I upgrade to a newer version of csound.... I am seeing an opertunity to create a slider code generator since the work has already been done for you (python is a good program for that and you would only need the python25.exe for that and not all the libraries...) It could end up being a way to highlight opertunities for processing as a language to improve and not something that can be used permantly but it looks realy good on first sight and it is only a meg when you drop it into a program.

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