Sunday, August 28, 2011

see the truck driver
he looks like he's alone
but if you listen closely
you here there is more than one

put your pedal to the medal
al - queda's in the cab...
put the pedal to the medal
al -queda's in the cab...

I don't want you to have a gun...
Don't tell the cops you want a gun..
stay away from the cops...

Hear the sound..
smash it all....
hear the sound...
kill it all...

It's the perfect crime..
It's the perfect song..
It's the voice that wispers..

Tell me I am the enemy..
tell me who you are...
Give me a list of things to kill
to end the sound..

save your life from hurricanes
get a new set of wheels...
If you don't give me all your cash..
I'll make you take the key's

I'll make you drive, I'll make you drive.
give me all your money or buy the car..

See the truck driver he looks like he is by himself.
If you listen closely you hear there is more than one...
put your pedal to the medal..
everyone get out of the way...
put your pedal to the medal
al-queda's in the cab..

why won't you do drugs...
why won't you smoke weed..
why don't you buy cocaine..
because I never let you sleep..
and pain pills are really nice
you have felt the pain for years
anti-depression, schizophrenic.
you know that's all you need..

why won't you buy a car...
why won't you bay a carrarar..

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