Sunday, August 28, 2011

see the truck driver
he looks like he's alone
but if you listen closely
you here there is more than one

put your pedal to the medal
al - queda's in the cab...
put the pedal to the medal
al -queda's in the cab...

I don't want you to have a gun...
Don't tell the cops you want a gun..
stay away from the cops...

Hear the sound..
smash it all....
hear the sound...
kill it all...

It's the perfect crime..
It's the perfect song..
It's the voice that wispers..

Tell me I am the enemy..
tell me who you are...
Give me a list of things to kill
to end the sound..

save your life from hurricanes
get a new set of wheels...
If you don't give me all your cash..
I'll make you take the key's

I'll make you drive, I'll make you drive.
give me all your money or buy the car..

See the truck driver he looks like he is by himself.
If you listen closely you hear there is more than one...
put your pedal to the medal..
everyone get out of the way...
put your pedal to the medal
al-queda's in the cab..

why won't you do drugs...
why won't you smoke weed..
why don't you buy cocaine..
because I never let you sleep..
and pain pills are really nice
you have felt the pain for years
anti-depression, schizophrenic.
you know that's all you need..

why won't you buy a car...
why won't you bay a carrarar..

Sunday, June 26, 2011


ways to get paid for music

It is possible to get something for your web traffic when you can embed songs. Dexter U.S. Bandcamp allows that. It isn't alot but it gives you something. I also discovered lastfm owned by cbs. It allows you to get paid for the streams. Since you have already had your page-views you might as well let your user add it to a radio station that is similar to . We are not talking about the big money by any means.


ztracker a way to hack acid music?????

The way Sony's acid music is currently set up there is no internal ability to use trackers to output to the vst's it only accepts keyboard or hacks through internal midi connections.. This isn't ideal for two reasons, It isn't proprietary so it can work for and against you and you cannot edit the parameters like you could if it is an internal program, but you have more freedom of design (that could work as a propriety concept also).. ztracker looks like it may be a good choice for this but of course if you are sony you may have already lost the sale (the telemarketing training as it is used in software design... ). How do I output the note to vst without a keyboard.. Sony doesn't have the rebuttal to anyone except the hacker genre. So the acid people shouldn't just blame crack.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


iuma from beyond the grave

Dexter U.S.

Seems like the old urls have a million pages linked to them so it is easy to get the old songs back.. At least some of them anyway.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


csound_vst generater pack

This is a code vst code generator pack for csound written in python...

csound vst code generator pack
These two programs take the output from csound and then dump them to a file that is csv
tested in csound 5.13 This is not the best way to do it though. vstcsoundparemscreen dump is needed for the generators though c:/pyvst/manic/maniclite.dll
csound.exe vsttemp.orc vsttemp.sco >dump.txt
pause c:/pyvst/manic/maniclite.dll

This program does the same as the above two programs but uses pyvst to output all the parameters so they can be used in a spreadsheet maniclite.dll

This program generates a csound vst instrument with dump.txt from needs the name of the instrument.

This is the same as the first only the output instrument and the parameters are all in thier own instrument like
the csound beta manual.

Dex Tracker and related project are at

Dex Tracker"

New releases will be here.
csound_vst pack

Questions Comments Exc can be made at the ad shareing dsp board.

Zizula Dsp board

A pdf for bookreaders can be found here

pdf version

Saturday, June 04, 2011


pandora radio

I am listening to pandora radio. It claims that you can do stations by artist or song but it appears that it does much better by tracking by the artist. The song part is pretty much unworkable but it can look up who the artist is. The mixture I am testing is steely dan, hole, lou reed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


csound search works better in yandex than google

I was playing around with the yandex search engine and I noticed that when you search for csound it doesn't include all those stupid c sound d sound exc only the word without the space. The blog search is all in Russian though so it isn't that useful yet.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


csoundvst in jeskola buzz

This is some more documentation in the csoundvst distribution .

using csoundvst in jeskola buzz

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